Sophie’s Great Big Campaign to Be Presidential

Do you want to make the World Peace? Vote for me, Sophie the Very Good Next President of the Big Country of America. I am running to give the world treats and peace through pieces of treats.


I am already out in the Valley of Smiles to set up my signs that have my name on all of them and tell the people that they can vote for Sophie in the month of election. It is really a very easy choice to make.



I will be a very most historical president: the first girl president, the first president with a tail, the first president with a background in therapy, and the first president who will spread great much love to the whole great big world, American style.



I have already licked many babies for my president campaign. It is very much important for a very good presidential candidate to lick babies for a campaign, because it means you like babies. Voting people like candidates who like babies. Therefore, it is very good for a president campaign to lick babies, and it is a coremost part of my campaign.



The news people want to know what I stand for. I stand for treats for everybody, because when you have treats, you are happy, and happy people do not try to take things from each other or build big booms. This is my approach to making the World Peace happen, and it is a very good one.



Lastmost, I am going to bring together all of the party-time parties to get behind my message. I do not sweat when we debate, which means I am confident. They will like that I am confident in my goals of the World Peace. Soon, the whole zoo will be supporting of me. All that I need left is for you to vote that you want me to be your Very Good President of the Big Country of America.

I am taking questions about my campaign in the comments below and at!

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  • Sandy

    I will DEFINITELY vote for you Sophie!

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