Sophie Frolics on the Very Rainy Day at Last

There is sky falling water drops, and how good it is that there is rain after the long dry time. I must go outside to play and jump in this wetness because I am a very watery dog of puddles!


This water is not as deep as my pool, but it is just as much fun for splashing. I could splash in puddles all day, because the sounds are very happiful to my ears and the water wetness feels nice on my toes.



I have invited Blueduck to the puddles with me, because he is a duck, and ducks like wet things of water. Blueduck will be very happy now that he is in the very wet of today.



The other greatness about the sky falling water is that it drops nice things to drink everywhere! The whole world becomes my very big watery bowl for drinking! It tastes like mud, which is my favorite.



I set out my bowl to catch the sky falling drops of water in case the big dry time comes back. I am a very prepared dog for dry times of drought. That way I will have lots to drink.



This is how I know there will be lots to drink, because there is lots, and I am drinking these lots. Rain drinking fills my tummy with rainbows!



The rain is cold in January, so I am going to bundle up more better when I go back to play in more rain. That way, I will have more fun in the world’s humongousest drinking fountain!

What do you like about the rain? Tell me at, or leave a comment in the section below!

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