Sophie the Very Good Therapy Dog for Aliens

Sometimes I have funny dreams, and sometimes I have dreams that are not dreams very much at all. That kind of not-dream dream happened last night while I was comfortable and asleep in my bed.


The sun came up in the middle of the night, but it was not the sun at all, because everything else was dark outside. It was a very bright light in my eyes and everywhere, and I wondered what it was. Suddenly, and by surprise, I floated up into the air, like when I was a reindog, but not.



I flew right up through the roof of my home, which was very neatly. A huge silver Frisbee was pulling me toward it instead of flying away from me. I reached out to catch it, but it was way much bigger than my very big mouth of chomp.



Inside the Frisbee, I met some big-eyed human-people from space called aliens! They were of many colors and very curious about me. I liked them. They made funny chittering noises and squeaks.



The human-people aliens took me to meet their oldest alien family friend, who was not feeling very goodly. All she really needed was a very good therapy dog for aliens, and that was why the aliens found me. She liked to pet me, and I liked to be petted by her. Her fingers were stickly like tape and tickled my ears most muchly.



Then I met the King Alien, who gave me many alien treats for my help of the oldest alien family friend. I am excited to eat these alien treats, because my stomach tells me so. I hope to see my alien friends again soon. They are very friendly space folk.

Have you ever met an alien? What did you say to them? Tell me all about it at, or in the comments section below!

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