Sophie Makes Important Resolutions for Her New Year of 2016

It is almost the very new year of 2016. I have done a whole much lot of things this year, so I have to make very important resolutions for how to make this next year even better.

Resolutions05I firstly must resolve to exercise much morely, because that is something to give me more energy and more effectiveness as a very good therapy dog for humans. Maybe I will play more in the park or run on the treadmill or competitively nap.


Resolutions02After I have exercised more, I resolve to eat more treats. I have already gotten many of them from the Holly Jolly season. More treats mean more happiness for the new year of 2016, and I am very much a supporter of more happiness for the new year of 2016. Also, treats will make the World Peace happen.


Resolutions01Another helpful resolution for me is to make some money for Smile TV. This will give more smiles to the world and help make the World Peace, and it will give Sandy treat funds for feeding me more and helping with all of my other resolutions.


Resolutions04I fourthly resolve that I will share much more better. Sharing is a very good way to make friends, and when you make friends, it is like a treat that you cannot eat but like it just the same. Sharing is another way to make the World Peace happen.


Resolutions03Fifthly, for my 2016 resolution, I am most officially declaring that I am a very good candidate for the presidency of the United States. I am very good at running, and I am very good at coming back. I will distribute treats better than any other of the candidates. You’ll see. Vote Sophie in November!

Those are my resolutions. What are yours? Tell me at, or leave a comment in the box below.

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