Sophie Learns to Lead Santa’s Sleigh and Save the Time of Holly Jolly

It is now the very good time of Holly Jolly when the Smile Office is to be lit and the human-people are very merriful and sing-songy. It is my favorite time of the year because it is more likely than ever that I will get lots of treats.


I have been decorating much the Smile TV Office of Smiles with holly jolly lights, but I just heard a magical noise outside. I know that particular sound so familiarly. It is the Fed Ex guy here to bring me treats!



This time, the Fed Ex guy has something more than a treat. It is a very most urgent delivery from the North Pole that I have to open right now and forthwith! Okay, I will do so, but I must have a treat first, please and thank you.



Inside the special kgent Fed Ex envelope, I found a most frantic elf letter. Rudolph is on vacation in Belize and cannot lead the sleigh on the Holly Jolly Night! Santa is grounded unless someone can step in to help. Don’t worry, Santa! Sophie the very good reindog for sleighs is on the way!



It is very most fortunate that I keep my magical flying reindeer antlers with me at all times. A very good therapy dog for humans never knows when she will need to fly away to the high altitudes.



Urk! The ground is not a very good launching pad for flight. I stretch and I strain, but the magical antlers have not charged themselves with enoughness of Holly Jolly power. I must find a spot that is much higher in the air.



This will do. It is high in the air and has a Holly Jolly tree upon it. Now I must take some steps forward, and then I will be able to help Santa. One… Two… What comes after two… And…



Don’t worry, Santa! I will fly all the way to the Pole of North with greatness of speed and velocity to save the Holly Jolly Night and Day for everybody and you!

You can wish me luck and a Happy Day of Holly Jolly by leaving a comment or emailing me at Woof!

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