Sophie Shares Holly Jolly Cheer with Her Senior Friends

When it is the Holly Jolly season like it is now, it is very much a good time to be a very good therapy dog for humans. Sometimes, my senior friends feel very much alone, and so I am putting on my Sophie Claus suit to spread some smiles to them.


Today, I am visiting the Sunrise at Wood Ranch house of senior friends, where the folks are smiling right at the door. What a very festively place this is with trees and lights and wreaths and smells of food that are coming from the yummly kitchen.



Right away, I have met again my good friend, Kay-on-the-Couch, where I left her: on the couch! She gave me much hugging, and I gave her many Holly Jolly licks. It was very funly to see her again.



This nice lady had a sing-songy room that played music from everywhere. There were singers singing on the magic TV box, and there was a singing snowman with a jingle dog and two cardinal birds of red that sang songs.



I like to give kisses to my senior friends, because their lips smell like good food. They smile a lot when I give them kisses, and it fills them with the spirit of Holly Jolly.



Hugs are also too as well very important for spreading the Holly Jolly spirit, and I like to make sure each one of my senior friends gets a big Sophie hug.



I did some tricks with Sandy for them, and they were very happy to see me do them. This one is called “Walk with Me,” where I keep walking between her legs. Much of the seniors were clapping and smiling. I also showed them “Sleepy Dog” and “Wait.” It was some of my finest work.



This lady had dogs when she was just a pup, so she wanted to pet me for old time’s sake. It was very good to make her happy with pats.



It was very much fun to spend time making seniors smile for the Holly Jolly season. I hope they are filled with much good feelings. I will come back to see them again very soon.

Have you made someone smile this holiday season? Tell me how by leaving a comment or emailing me at

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