Sophie Builds a Very Most Fine Website for to Find Followers

Some human-people say that if you’re going to succeed in this technomagical world, then you have to build yourself a most fine and incredible website and get followers. This is a very good idea that I will begin very soonly.


With all of these tools, I can build a website in no time at all. The measurly device tells me how much bandwidth I have, and the hammerly thing will give me lots of hits. My website is already looking really very great.



My website will feature me! That means I need to look my very most best for my viewers. It is very good that I have such a skilled team of makeup artists at the Smile TV Office of Smiles. They make sure my ears are rightly floppable, and my nose is extra wet. I feel like a very new Sophie the Dog.



Now that I look very camera-ready, I am taking some very good photos of me that I can post to my website online and get followers.



I have brought a filter to make my photo look differently. There are lots of filter options for me to watch and try. Which do you think is the bestest?



Let us see what happens now when I put my website and my social media into the public. Will I get followers to follow my adventures and learn about being a very good therapy dog for humans?



Oh hooray! I now have some followers from my social media. You can be friends with me too by visiting my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you will like a whole bunch. Take a good look, and tell to me what things you would like to see!

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