Sophie Becomes Helped by a Very Technical Support

I am working on bettering my very most nice website today, but I have found myself some troubles at making it work. It is frustrating and confusing to the dog of me.


I have called the technical support for much assistance. They are very skilled at fixing support problems of technical-ness, so they are the best ones to call when my website is not working.


The very first thing that the technical support voices told me to accomplish was to scan my computer for viruses. So I did. There are no viruses in the scan, which is very good. My computer is healthful.


Then they wanted me to make sure that my fire wall would not allow in any other viruses. My fire wall is pretty hot. It is too hot for viruses, so that is very good for my website.


Then they told me to look for broken links, and aha! This link is broken. I am putting it right back together again, and once it is fixed, you will be able to play on my website of good once more and again. Please and thank you!


What is your story of tech support? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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