Sophie Makes Balance to Her Chakras with Some Doga Poses

Sandy talks about yoga all the time and how goodly it is for human-people to do. I will try it today and this morning to balance my chakras, which I hope to be treats. This is my special guide to doga, or yoga for dogs.


I warm up with my most favorite of doga poses: the downish stretching dog pose. It looks like a dog that is stretching downishly. It stretches out my back and is a good one for chakras.


These are doga straps that are also good for balancing chakras. They stretch out your mind, which is also very good for balancing chakras. The most best way to use them is to drape them over your brain to help stretch it.


This doga pose is called a warrior dog pose because it takes greatmost strength and determination to balance rightly the chakras. It also gives good balance to your body and feet while you are making this pose of warrior.


My chakras feel way super balanced right now, so I finish with the compost pose, which is when you lie down like compost and relax because you have succeeded at doing doga. This is a very good pose for the end of doga.


What is your favorite dog pose? Leave a comment to let me know!

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