Sophie Digs up Some Political Roots for the Fine Holiday of Presidents

This today is a very fine holiday to make praises for the presidents of the pre-Sophie history. Lots of human-people make barbecues today, which is also my favorite, but since I am running to be president of the great big America, I will look at my role model of inspiration now.


Today’s holiday celebrates our way first president, George Washington, who is famous for standing in boats and founding the great big America. I will model my presidency after him.


For first starters, George Washington was a very honest president, and when I am president, I will also be a way honest president too. If I cut down a cherry tree, I promise to tell you truthly that I did that, but I also promise not to cut down a cherry tree, because cherries are really tasteful.


George Washington also had really great style. When I am the great president, I will wear lots of wigly wigs to show people my moods, which will always be happy and sometimes hungry. Many artful human-people will want to paint my pictures.


To vote for me, Sophie the Dog, will be a great honor for the legacy of presidents. George Washington was the first boy president, and I will be the first girl president. That brings balance to the world, which makes the World Peace. I also look way great on this big mountain of presidents. Happy Presidents’ Day and vote for me too!


Ask me anything about my campaign on the Twitter. Use the hashbrown #SophieForPresident.

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