Sophie Goes to the Gym Place to Make Victory of Her Resolution

This year, I made a way important resolution to exercise more. I have much lots of energy, so I can run and run and run all day. I can run with a ball and without, but the most best way to run is with a ball.


Running is very healthful, and I like to do it everywhere. When it rains outside in the Valley of Smiles, even then I can run, but Sandy will not throw a ball for me in the rain. That is when I go inside the gym place to run.


When I go to the gym place, I exercise lots of different ways. It is greatly important to exercise the very big muscles of chest, because these muscles help with the running and speed with which I can chase a ball.


And this half-of-a-ball is way useful for practicing my jumping. I am building my legs strength so that I can leap twelve feets inside the air for to catch a sailing ball in my mouth.


And this exercise is way lots of fun, but it does not help much with the catching of a ball. It makes my arms look really great so that human-people will take notice and offer me treats to pet my strong muscles. Exercise makes everyone win!


What do you do for exercise? Tell me in the comments below!

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