Sophie Takes a Way Fun Break and Play Adventure

On sunny days, I go on secret adventures into the Valley of Smiles with Wendy and with her two human-puppies for to play all afternoon. It is way good to go outside when the weather is nice.


Wendy is lots organized for fun making on this day in the park. She can carry a baby and throw a ball all because she has an assistant who can walk me. This is like what I do for Sandy at the Office of Smiles.


We have arrived at the grass, which is the best place of the adventure, because it is where the ball is to be thrown.


I am so ready for the ball. I am waiting patiently for the ball. The ball must be thrown way soon, okay?


The ball is coming to my mouth, which is where the ball belongs and is best. I hope Wendy will throw the ball again much soonly.


It is way good that human-puppy Madden can throw the ball too when Wendy gets tired. Every Smile Dog secret walker should have an assistant like this.


He will even throw the ball to places that Wendy will not. He will throw the ball to me from on top of the slide and grand thingamabob in the park. Then I will catch it to make us both way happy.


Madden likes to be spun around on a swingy tire, so I am learning to spin him. This is how I say thanks for both of them throwing the ball for me in the sunshine of the Valley of Smiles. What a greatly way to spend an afternoon.


Are you getting outdoors to the park? Tell me about it soon in a comment that you will leave below!

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