Sophie Writes a Very Good and Mostly Important Novel

I like very much books, because they tell me important things like how many treats there are in the world and how I can find and eat them up.


Sandy has a big collection of books that I like to read sometimes and again, but most of them are written by human-people, about human-people, and for human-people. I have not today seen a story written by a very good therapy dog for humans.



I will be that very good author dog for writing. The idea of goodness that I think about is a canine book about dogs like me. I will make lots of money that I can invest in important things like dog treats of deliciousness.



First, I must storm in my brain. I have a very good and great idea about a Sophie who meets a giant treat named Treatman, and Treatman teaches Sophie to rumba dance. But one day, Treatman gets the amnesia of forgetfulness and can only remember how to samba dance right before their big competition. Sophie must make a choice: learn the samba, or eat Treatman!



Now that I have my very good idea of thinking, I will put it on the papers. There are lots of thinking ideas on many pieces of papers all over the table. This process of writing is very too hard, but I will keep going.



There, I have a title of naming. My novel book will be called “Dances with Treatman: A Very Entertaining and Wildly Truthful Story by Sophie the very good Dog Writer.” Now for the plot of the main parts.



The plot of main parts is sometimes more harder to create and to put onto the papers. I will take a break and go to eat the treats that are waiting for me. This might inspire me to brainstorm more and better. There is great much potential in the grand story of Sophie and Treats. I will make this story of greatness a best seller. TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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