Sophie Does Good Therapy for Interns at the Office of Smiles

There are some very good interns here at the Office of Smiles that can sometimes become stressable, and because of that, I am to put my therapy skills of dog to effective use.


I like to get to the heart of the troubles firstmost. I put on my certified glasses to discuss the inner treatlessness that the intern is feeling.


Nextly, I have to get the intern to be relaxed. That means I must get to the top of his back and walk on the stressable spots. That makes him much more nappy and relieved for his body.


He is now calmed of body, so we can then calm him of mind. This is why I have a Bamboodha collection at the Office of Smiles to restore inner dogness of chakra peace.


After the intern has calmed his mind, then I take him for a walk to make his body wake up again. That way, he will be able to do his intern projects very good.


Lastly, we play at the poker cards so to get his mind working okay dokay once more and again. That will help him with getting through his intern projects and be a happy and successful Office of Smiles Intern yet finally.


How do you relieve stress at your place of working? Tell me in a comment or send me an email at

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