Sophie Finds a Treasure Map on a Most Deserted Island

This is a very fine night for sailing aboard my ship, the S.S. Sophie – the Very Good Sailing Boat for Dogs. I am cruising around the Caribbean on very breezy winds.


It is getting much late, so I will pull in the riggings. Tug-of-war with the ropes of sails is one of my favorite games. It is time to land on the beach and play on the sand of many pebbles.


This is a very fine island for playing in the pebbles of wetness. Oh…. look there! It is a very stuck bottle in this pebbly sand. There is something inside the bottle that might be a treat! I will take it into the ship and find out what it is to eat.


This is a very big map of treasures that was inside the bottle. It tells me to follow the X to treats! This sounds like a very great adventure to embark upon in the morrow.


Hoist the Jolly Sophie and set sail for Treat Island!



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