Sophie Makes Magical Eggs for the Sparkling Rabbit-Bunny

This morning, I did arrive at the Office of Smiles on Easy Street and then found a very blue and very shiny egg outside the door. This is not like the eggs I know from breakfasts, and it smelled like my tummy was smiling.


I found lots more colors of the very shiny eggs along the pathway by the Smile TV Office on Easy Street. They all smelled like yummy tummy. I like eggs full of treats, but will ask the person who laid the eggs if I can eat them first.


At the end of the trail, I met a sparkling rabbit-bunny who was laying the magical eggs of color. The sparkling rabbit-bunny knew my name, which is very good because I also remember my name. This is how I knew we would be friends.


The sparkling rabbit-bunny opened one of the eggs, which was full of yummy tummy treats of candy. That is why my nose was smiling when I smelled the magical eggs of color. I could not get into the candy boxes and asked for help from the sparkling rabbit-bunny.


The sparkling rabbit-bunny used her very good sparkling rabbit-bunny magical powers to make me a very good dog-rabbit-bunny of dog. She wiggled her nose and twitched her ears, and suddenly I had my very own power to make a big treat egg by myself. This is egg-citedly delicious!


I went back to the office and felt sparkling and magical. I sat down on the ground, and when I stood up again, there was a ginormous pink egg right where I sat. This is the best thing of all, because the sparkling rabbit-bunny said there would be treats inside for me to eat.


I will keep this egg very close to me until it hatches. I hope it does not take long, because my mouth is ready for treats. I will take a nap first.


Now that I have woken up from my nap, my ears are gone, but the egg has hatched! Treats are dancing there right in front of me. Maybe they will taste okay, but I will have to catch them first.


Have you ever met the sparkling rabbit-bunny and eaten a magical treat egg? Tell me about it by leaving a comment or sending an email to

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