Sophie Becomes a Salty Sea Dog to Sail the Seven Seas


I have found a very interesting map of treasures, and so now I am back on the sea. My ship, the S.S. Sophie – the Very Good Sailing Boat for Dogs, is now the Pearly Dutchman Sophie – The Very Good Pirate Boat for Dogs. As a pirate, I am going to find a goodly box of treats on a lost island.


From way up here in the nest of crow, I can see for miles and miles and miles! I can see the seagullbirds, and the waves, and the clouds, and another ship that is coming my way. It is also flying a pirately ship flag. The scurvy sea dogs have come to capture my good ship and steal my map!


The scurvy sea dogs do not know that I am a very good dog at breadmanship. I can wield a breadstick with great feet and strength. This scurvy sea dog will not beat me so easily for sure! But I am hungry. And these breadsticks look yumful.


I have eaten my stick of bread, which is why the scurvy sea dog is making me now to walk the plank. That is okay, because I like the water way much. One day, I will find the Pearly Dutchman Sophie – The Very Good Pirate Boat for Dogs and win it back from the scurvy sea dogs, but for now, I will to make a cannonball!


Today is very much my lucky day. I have come to an island where my map said there was to be treasure! Now I have found of the treasure, and my mission is a success. Now to use the treasure to buy lots of treats and to have the energy to swim all the way back to the Valley of Smiles.


Have you ever found a buried treasure? Tell me about it in the comments section, or send me an email at

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