Sophie Makes Pilates for to Wake up on a Monday

Monday does take some getting used to. I have spent the whole entire weekend at play, and then on Monday it is time to think about work again as a very good therapy dog for humans. This is why I do the Pilates.


The great biggest challenge of a Monday is just to stand up, and that is what this nice platform is most best for. I stretch my back here, and that starts to wake me up.


Stretching my legs is the nextmost step after stretching my back, and now I do feel that I am waking up. This is a very good part of the Pilates because it helps me to wake up and to feel strong when I do.


Now that I am mostly awake, I am to stretch out my face. I do this by bouncing on the ball until my face gets stretched. Face stretches help with the cheerfulness, and if you’re going to look at a brand new week, you need way lots of cheerfulness on your face.


Lastmost, I must to practice my nap poses. Now that I am awake, I need to prepare for my napping when I arrive at the Office of Smiles today for the work.


How do you wake up on a Monday? Have you tried the Pilates? Tell me more in the comments, or email me at!

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