Sophie the Very Fine Seeker of Squirrels

I love very much to play out in the great big exciting outside. There are many many animals hiding here, and I look out for all of them. I am most watchful for the squirrels especially. Squirrels are very good at sneaking and running and hiding, which is what makes them such lots of fun, and it is my very important dog duty to look for them always. It is up to me, Sophie the Squirrel Seeker, to find as many squirrels as I can!


To find squirrels the best, it is good if you do very smart sniffing around first. I am sniffing the smells of some acorns. I am a dog of much wisefulness when it comes to squirrels, so I know that acorns are squirrel treats. If squirrels love treats as much as I do, these acorns mean the squirrels are close by.


Sometimes the wind blows and makes the green parts of the trees move, and I think it is a squirrel. So many days, that is all I see. But today is different! I see a tail of much fluff move around up in the big tall tree parts. My big long searchtime is over! Up there is a squirrel.


To get the closest of looks, I will climb a tree. I am a very good climbing dog for branches, especially when squirrels are aroundabouts. But even though I climbed a great big tree, I did not get way up near any squirrels. I saw the tail of much fluff again as I climbed way way ups, but now that I am here, there are no squirrels. At least I get to see a way great view from up here.


Part of the most fun about seeking squirrels is that they are so hard to find. The great big exciting outside is full of lots of adventures, and I will come back for more sometime very soon. I will keep waiting and watching and being a squirrel seeker until I find one!


Have you had any squirrel sightings? Do you have any tips on being a very good and smart squirrel seeker? Leave a comment or email me at

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