Sophie Makes to Play with Cute Cat-Puppies

Today I am watching a bunch of cat-puppies while their mommy takes a day at the beauty spa. I have never watched a bunch of cat-puppies before, but they are just like the size of dog-puppies. I will be well ready to watch them today.


There are lots of the cat-puppies. I will count them. One to ten. That is a good number. Now for the watching of them.


These cat-puppies like to climb, so I will lie down and be climbed upon by them. This is very agreeable. Their paws tickle me muchmost as they scramble up and down. It is like being petted by lots of tiny human fingers.


Some of the cat-puppies are climbing really high, all the way up to my head. The view must be really good from up there. They can see my house from there.


This cat-puppy is so excited for to see my house that he is making a happy meow sound. I want to make happy meow sounds too, but mine sound like woofs.


I like these cat-puppies. They are cool cats. I can be a cool cat too with these great shades of mine.


But wait! Now they are running! I must catch these cat-puppies to keep them in one place for their mom. With luck, I am a very good herder of cat-puppies. Come back, cat-puppies!


How do you herd cat-puppies? Help me by commenting below or emailing me at

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