Sophie Gets a Fine Beauty Makeover for Herself

It is Monday, which means it is time for my beauty makeover of prettiness. This is how I can look presentable for my professional job of very good therapy dog for humans. The salonist lady of beauty will help me get to there.


I like this drinky straw because it makes the water go onto my tongue. It also washes over my mouth and face to make it clean. Then I drink more, because it tastes like good water.


The salonist lady of beauty has me put my head into a bowl of dry. This way, I don’t drip the water on the floor of salon where human-people can slip. Safety is important to me.


I am to pick a very beautyish color for to paint on my toenails. There are many to choose from, and I want the very most delicious of them all.


The salonist lady of beauty is very helpful at putting the beautyish color on my toenails today. Soon, they will be the color of beauty, and I will get many nice words at work.


Now, I am to have my making up put onto my face. This is how I get my shiny nice glow of joy that makes human-people smile. The salonist lady of beauty does a very fine job of putting it on my face.


Okay, I am finished and picture perfected with my hair stylish and my nails prettyful. Now I can go to work and impress all of my friends with this very fine beauty makeover of me.


What do you think of my new look? Leave comments, or send me an email at

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