Sophie Makes Agility Training for to Start the Summer

It is now the day of Mon and the starting of the warmer weather, which means it is time for me to do my very good summer exercises for therapy dogs. This keeps me skilled so that I can give the therapies better. I start my very good exercises with the agilities, which is the running that keeps me fast if I have to catch someone who needs the therapies.


I then go to practice my balance on the plank for the times when I have to do the therapies for tightrope walkers. Tightrope walkers like to practice in the warm weather and can need lots of therapies sometimes when they need to come back onto balance. Walking on this plank is very good for that.


Then I have to go back for more of the agilities, because sometimes I have to watch the human-puppies, who are very fast and like to run right into trouble. It is way important that I can keep up with them before they find the trouble.


Next, I have to do the jumps. This is so I can reach the counter of piƱa coladas for bringing them to the human-people. It is also so that I can better reach the counter of treats and eat them yummily.


Lastmost, I must prepare for the hot times by cooling down. It is almost the season of pools, but I do not want to wait until that season starts. Pool time is the best for after exercises!


How do you prepare for the warm summer? Tell me all about it in the comments or at

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