Sophie Climbs a Very High Mountain to Find Her Dream

A way most wise television-lady told me to climb every mountain until I find my dream. There is a mountain in the Valley of Smiles that is very near the Smile TV office, so I will climb this mountain and find my dream there. My dream is to have a treat.


It is way much more steep and dusty than my home yard but so much fun is up in the ahead. There are many funny prickle plants that can grow here in the dustiousness. They grabbed my fur and asked me to stay, but I am too decided and must go further up the mountain to find my dream.


It is a very steep and very dusty trail to climb to my dream, but that is okay, because my very good climbing skills are very good and excellent.


This is not a spot for me to rest, because I am not already tired and have much energies in my legs. This is a spot for enjoying the view on the way to the top, because it is changing all of the times. It is also a spot to remember dreams of deliciousness up the very most high mountain.


Look! I can very definitely see the Smile TV office of smiles from my spot on the mountain. What a great thing to see, because it houses so many of my treats but maybe those are different from the dream treats on the mountaintop.


This dream mountain is very steep, but my legs of four are good for mountain moving. I will keep walking until I reach the dream peak! It is very good advice for me to listen to myself.


I am now at the top of the mountain! What a very high climb this was to make today with my legs of four. It is very high here, and I can see many far houses of treats.


Now is the just-right time for me to find my very high dream on top of this very high mountain like the wise television-lady told me to do.


This cool shady spot is just right for finding a dream. It will come soon and bring me treats, but I am firstly going to nap asleep, because it is hard work walking to your dreams on the top of mountains.


Have you climbed a mountain before to find your dreams? Tell me about it at, or leave a comment below!

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