Sophie Explores a Mysterious Portal of Mystery

This is a mysterious portal of mystery. It leads to someplace mysterious but fun. Sometimes, a portal can be scary because they can lead to places with no treats, but I will go through this portal anyway because I am brave.


There is a whole new world on the other side of this portal. It does not have the grasses or the pools like I have at home. Instead, it has the squishy road surface and bright green tree poles. I will follow the road to see where it goes.


Now there is a bridge to cross. I like bridges because they always lead to somewhere. I can see far distances from this bridge. What a strange but also cool place this is behind the portal.


Uh oh, I took a wrong turn and am now stuck on a sling swing in space! I can escape very easily, but for now, it is kind of fun to swing here in the space. I can see my super universal alternate dimension house from here.


I did escape from the sling swing in space, and now here is the next portal to the escape. There is no place like the home, and even though I did much like the mysterious place of portal, it did not have treats. Now I will go home and have some more.


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