Sophie Checks the Foods That Were Sent to the Lab for the Testing

Eating is very much agreeable with me, and a lot of human-people recognize me for that. Sometimes, they send their food samples to the lab to be tested on my very well developed taste buds. I am very most happy to have this job. I have a special room where I take my samples for testing, starting with this burrito, which tastes like good and passes my test.


This in my mouth is a corn dog, but it is not a real dog. It is made out of corn, but it has a stick in the middle. That is most great because it is a snack and a toy in one. This passes my test with a rating of “Good.”


This is a pizza, which I am first testing for balance. A goodly balanced pizza makes for a goodly balanced diet. This has the pepperoni on top which adds to something called ballast. I give this a rating of “Good” because it is so.


This is the butter of peas and nuts, which I get sometimes with my treats and to make me enunciate. It is most times my favorite thing of all for the home time when I can curl up in my bed and lick it out by the spoonful. It comes highly rated as “Good.”


Lastmost, I must to test this pupsicle for cooling in the summer season. The weather is hot, but this is very cold. I like that. I must taste it outside for to make sure it does not drip on the carpet. It is clean but also “Good.”


Do you like these foods? I do. They are all “Good.” Tell me about your favorite food in the Comments section, or email me at

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  • Echo

    Cheese is my most favorite liked snack. When I good dog the giver of treats shares me a slice. I rate it as “good.”

  • Jasmin

    how did you become such a good taste-tester?

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