Sophie Makes Noise that Sounds Like Musical Sounds

I like the noises, and to share my noises with others. This machine is full of special squeaky toys that make a very special mix of noises. I press each key with my paw, and the new sounds come out! This is great for communicating better with the human-people, but it makes my back legs much tired. I will try something else.


This is a pluck-string board. It is hard for me to pluck of the strings in more ways than the one. I am getting frustrated to not be plucking the strings, so I will dig at them too instead. They make noise, but they made Sandy take the pluck-string board away.


Now I have a bark loudifier, which sounded like the most perfectness until I barked into it. It sounded to me like my usual barks. I did lick it to make it sound different, but it still sounded like a bark. So, Sandy gave me one last noise maker to try.


It is good that dogs are natural thumpers. Have you heard us thump our tails against walls or beat the ground as we scratch ourselves? I am a master of the beat, and these metal cylinders are just the thing to make the beats. Now I don’t have to ask for treats, because when I drop my paws on the cylinder or nudge a shiny disc, someone always comes rushing to attend. And if I send the whole thing clattering to the floor? All of the human-people come running, which also keeps them healthy.


What noisemakers can you use to make noises? What noises do you like the most? Tell me in a comment or at!

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