Meet Sophie

Hello there, my name is Sophie the Smile Dog, and I am a very good therapy dog for humans. I like to go to where people need more smiles and then give them more smiles. I like it a lot, almost as much as having treats in my tummy.

Treats are the very best things in all of the whole world. I will do anything to get treats. I will climb mountains, swim through the seas, and visit whole other planets to get them, because they are very good.

I am writing a very good blog about my life in the Valley of Smiles, which is lots of fun. I hope you will read it up and enjoy it, then maybe give me some treats when you are finished.

Vote Sophie in 2016

I am also running to be the next Presidential Leader of the big place of America! I am running on a platform that is for my own party of good. If you elect me, I will make sure everyone gets the treats they need, because happy people will make the World Peace.